Forest Stewardship Plan

The Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP)​ is a landscape level plan, which is focused on establishing results, strategies and measures for conserving and/or protecting timber and non-timber resource values associated with forest management activities.

The FSP states measurable and enforceable results, strategies and/or measures that must be consistent with objectives set by government for a variety of forest values (e.g. fisheries, wildlife, water, biodiversity, cultural values, visuals, recreation, etc.). Forest licensees work in cooperation with government agencies, First Nations, various stakeholders and the general public to ensure that the provincial government’s objectives for the management, protection and conservation of forest resources are achieved.

Please click the links below to view Ts’elxwéyeqw Forestry Limited Partnership’s (TFLP) Forest Stewardship Plan and supporting information.

TFLP-FSP-Document (pdf)

TFLP-FSP-Supporting Information (pdf)

TFLP-FSP-Map-Pilalt 1 & 2 (pdf)

TFLP-FSP-Map-Pilalt 3 (pdf)

TFLP-FSP-Map-Pilalt 4, 5 & 6 (pdf)

TFLP-FSP-Map-Pilalt 7 (pdf)

TFLP-FSP-Map-Ts’elxwéyeqw & Slesse (pdf)

TFLP-FSP-FDU-Shapefile (zip)