Our Vision


​We are a united Tribal group.
We sustain our culture, our lands, and our families.


​We help the Ts’elxwéyeqw Tribe to achieve strength,
unity, and success by managing natural and cultural resources
for the well-being of our people and our environment.


​Our decisions and actions are driven by our six core values:

Unity – Working collectively as one Tribe.

Harmony – Between our people, environment, and economic development.

People – Caring for all current and future members of the Tribe, and for our neighbours.

Culture – Preserving our language, history, practices, and traditional foods.

Nature – Managing our natural resources sustainably for the benefit of the Tribe.

Respect – For each other and for our environment.

Sustainability – Managing and investing for both the short and long term.

Communication – Seeking clarity, transparency, and shared understanding.